As if Coachella hadn’t already proven itself as the sun-baked epicentre of surprise rap team-ups – lookin’ at you, Kanye & Rocky – today’s N.W.A reunion took any doubts and basically set them on fire.

During Ice Cube’s ~supposedly~ stand-alone gig, the crew was (mostly) reunited, and then some. MC Ren and DJ Yella hit the stage, along with Snoop Dogg, Common, and Cube’s son/icicle O’Shea Jackson, Jr. ‘CAUSE CUBE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS.

Then again, Dr. Dre was noticeably absent, and Cube also gave out serious love to the sorely-missed Eazy E. Not the subject of love: tha police.

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Also, Snoop Dogg once again proved he’s more than just a human meme. Well, maybe he is a human meme, but he’s still got absolute bars.

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Bloody hell, this whole deal is giving us life. If you’re not in the wonderland that is Indio California RN, feel free to peruse the finest quality memeage from the fest, and follow us on Snapchat at PEDESTRIAN.TV, ’cause we’re there… and it’s been a good day. 

WATCH: Ice Cube Blasts Punters’ Heads Off, Regroups N.W.A At Coachella

Source: XXL Magazine / Twitter. 
Photo: Kevin Ryder / Twitter.