The music biz is a real tough game to crack. For every one band that finds any small modicum of success, there’s hundreds that don’t. But what does that success mean? And exactly how well off are your favourite bands? In an industry that’s in perhaps one of its greatest ever eras of uncertainty, that answer mightn’t be as clear as you may think.

Through an initiative funded by Jack Daniel’s, filmmaker Dan Graetz takes a raw, honest, and open look into what it takes to survive as a musician, or artist, or young independent creative, and the complicated notion of “selling out” – once a staunchly objected concept based on idealist notions of staying true to ones self and not becoming a cog in a machine, now a very different concept revolving around smart branding and creating effective partnerships that don’t compromise artistic integrity.

The film features interviews with artists such as Kate Miller-Heidke, James Tidswell from Violent Soho, Remi, KLP and The Cairos.

The film was funded in part by JD through their Future Legends initiative, but the film remains upfront about that partnership, and the creative control was solely at the foot of the filmmaker.

It’s a thought-provoking look into what it takes to get by in the music industry, and the sacrifices necessary to pursue your craft, along with the new and innovative ways artists are actively choosing to engage with the corporate world.