WATCH: Guy Sebastian Pips Nollsy To The Post Again, Does ‘Like A Version’

There are a few people in Aussie music that you don’t necessarily expect to pop up on Triple J‘s ‘Like A Version’, and, Guy Sebastian is one of them. But here he is, flexing his vocal and keyboard chops with Paces on a cover of summery pop sensation L D R U‘s ‘Keeping Score’. And it’s pretty decent.
Paces was pretty effusive in his praise for Sebastian. They’ve been working together on tracks for Guy’s new album:
Life can be a crazy thing sometimes. I’ve been working with Guy on some tracks for his album. He’s an actual musical genius, he definitely doesn’t need my help, he could do everything himself but I think he just doesn’t have the time. I learnt so much while working in his studio. Anyway I had this beautiful topline from Alexander Burnett and I’d written the instrumental for it, I just needed to find the right singer. I never in a million years thought I’d get Guy Sebastian on there but like I said, life can be crazy sometimes! And he absolutely crushed it!

Paces is on a national tour at the moment – check him out at Sydney‘s Oxford Art Factory tomorrow night if ya keen, Sydneysiders.

As far as we’re concerned, this a battle cry for more mainstream Aussie artists to flex their chops on Like A Version. Delta, we’re looking at you mate. Get in there and do a Hiatus Kayote cover.
Source: Triple J.