Look, it just wouldn’t be ok if Gigi and / or Bella Hadid were good at karaoke. 
They’ve got successful careers built on A+ genes, a whole lotta money in the bank and an adoring fandom who worships their every bikini pic, so it just feels – I dunno, right – that they suck at singing. Just like most of us.
The duo lay down a hilariously tone deaf rendition of her Minajesty‘s banger ‘Starships’ in newly-released footage from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, in which they both walked earlier this month.
There’s this cute, semi-competitive exchange before the mics they’re clutching get a bashing:
Bella: “Are you ready for this Gigi?”
Gigi: “I know the whole rap!”
Bella: “So do I!”
And, if you’re wondering what Nicki thinks of their karaoke skills, she digs ’em: the rapper posted the clip to her IG with a handful of emojis that can be interpreted as praise.
Watch them warble through ‘Starships’:

???? #Bella #Gigi ??????

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Source and photo: 10 Magazine.