WATCH: Fans Are Sharing Clips Of Chris Cornell’s Last Gig With Soundgarden

After Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell‘s death was announced yesterday, attention has turned to footage uploaded to YouTube of his final performance in Detroit.

Cornell was found dead in his room at the MGM Grand Hotel after the gig. A medical examiner ruled his death to be a suicide.
Ashley Zlatopolsky, a reviewer for Detroit Free Press, was present at Cornell’s last gig. She said in her article that “something wasn’t right” about the performance.

Even without the benefit of hindsight from the morning’s awful news, it was clear that something wasn’t right with the 52-year-old Cornell during the Fox performance. He often staggered back-and-forth across the stage, and seemed weak in his movements. Just one or two songs in, it was as if the energy had exited his body, and what was left was a shell of a man scrambling to do his job.
A number of YouTubers uploaded video from Soundgarden’s performance – many of them before the news of Cornell’s death was announced.
The final song was a deep cut – Slaves and Bulldozers, which featured a section from another live staple: Led Zeppelin‘s In My Time of Dying
Source: YouTube.

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