Watch Every Australian Media Personality Sing Along To Last Year’s Eurovision Winner

Alright, so *every* is something of a long bow to draw, we’ll admit that. But it does cover a fair whack of the industry.

First came the revelation that we were being let in. Then came the fan petitions. Then the official artist announcement. And the subsequent backlash that included threats on a Nordic scale. And now all that’s left is for organisers to reveal the song that will carry us, proud nation that we are, to ultimate European glory.
Guy Sebastian will be the bloke whose pipes are being utilised in ultimate Austrian pop battle, that much we know for sure. But the actual song he’ll be singing is being kept tightly under wraps. We know, per previous statements, that it’s not going to act as a promotional exercise for his next single or whathaveyou. Rather it’ll be a standalone, dedicated effort to putting forth our best possible entry into the Eurovision Song Contest.
Local broadcaster SBS has the final say on all of this, and they’ve been expertly drip feeding information to a baying public over the past few weeks.
Finally, they look set to put us all out of our misery and unveil Australia’s song this coming Monday, March 16th.
But just to tide that sense of crippling anticipation over, the network – being the legends that they are – got just about anyone who’s anyone in the Australian media presenting game to chuck a cheeky, and gloriously over-the-top singalong to last year’s winning track: “Rise Like a Phoenix” by the magnificently bearded Conchita Wurst of Austria.

How’s your spotting game? Among many others, you’ve got The Wiggles, Anton Enus & Janice Petersen, Brig Lehmo, Dicky Wilkins & Lisa WilkinsonDan & Maz, and national treasure The Karl Stefanovic.

And then there’s Steve Price. Stagnant. Uninterested. Being a contrarian for the sake of it. Ruining everything AGAIN.
Damn it, Steve. Just pump a fist or something.