Watch Elton John And Pnau Get “Sad”

The only antipodean pairing more unlikely than Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley, Elton John and Pnau players Peter Mayes and Nick Littlemore, have released the first video from their forthcoming collaborative album Elton John Vs Pnau – Good Morning To The Night. As previously noted Good Morning is more of a remix album than a collaborative one, with the Sydney band granted full access to John’s back catalogue and substantial collection of novelty sunglasses.

The duo last worked with Elton on their most recent album, Soft Universe, and enjoy a kind of Peggy Olson/Don Draper relationship with the singer, a tutelage which Mayes once told us “kind of saved us”.

“We just owe him so much, I mean, he kind of saved us,” he said. “He found us a couple of years ago in Australia and he basically helped us move to the UK and we’re managed by his management company. He’s been a real mentor to us and a good friend too, musically and otherwise. If we’re down he’ll help us. He’s just someone who’s there to help. If we write a great track he’ll tell us. If we write a bad track he’ll tell us. He’s very honest and very generous with his time.”

The track’s called “Sad”, which is something you should never be when your best friend lives in a castle.

Good Morning to the Sun is due for release July 16th.