Desiigner is sunshine in human form. The 19-year-old rapper is positivity, and the fact his smashes Panda and Tiimmy Turner are so goddamn dark doesn’t take away from that. Ol’ mate just wants to hang out and “GI GI GI RAAAHH” wherever he can.

WATCH: Desiigner Narrates Melbs Aquarium In 2017’s Loosest Nature Doco

It just so turns out he’s currently in Australia on tour, and his FOMO Fest appearances have taken him around our fine land. Fortunately for us, the GOOD Music protege managed to nab some time off in Melbourne to further prove his gentle nature: the bloke visited SeaLife Aquarium, and narrated his experience on Snapchat. 

Some kind soul managed to catch the footage before it disappeared, so we can relive his wonderment. Special shout-outs to him reacting to a shark in the exact same way as the kid next to him, and for referring to eels as “Gucci snakes”:

Source: @lifeofdesiigner / Snapchat / Auc Hot Spot.
Photo: Auc Hot Spot.