Watch: Clare Bowditch & Gotye Tickle Our Fancy With ‘Are You Ready Yet’

The delightful Clare Bowditch sent us a letter yesterday. It detailed her track with ARIA’s man-of-the-moment, Gotye, as well as the making of the wonderful new video you’re about to see:

Last summer, I went to my friend Wally’ de Backer (Gotye)’s house, to write some songs. The song “Are You Ready Yet” was born when Wally asked me, in soprano, “Are you ready yet…to be happy?” Quite the question Wally, quite the question. What if I was?

In winter, this song was recorded in the upper attic of a beautiful convent, with Martin W Brown and the Lady Garden (Aluka), and released on the Are You Ready yet? EP.

In spring, the infamous film-maker Kess Broekman-Dattner called me. He said “Bowditch, do you like being tickled? Do ya? Do ya? It’s just…I have an idea. I want to film people being tickled at 2000 frames a second, and I want to make a film-clip out of it, and I need a song that talks about happiness. Do you know of such a song?”

Sometimes, at the best of times, things work like they’re supposed to. All it takes is a little lick of synchronicity, and the good will of strangers – such as our Twitter followers, and new friends, who star in this clip (I love you, I actually love you)- and voila, a song-story-film is born.

Our video was made in Melbourne, in one day, and captured by cinematographer Katie Milwright, using a very special camera, a spangly Olympus iSPEED 3, which is normally used for scientific visual research, filming volcanoes and bullets and things that aren’t so happy at all. We thought this film-clip was a fitting re-purpose.

In listening to this song or watching the clip, our hope is simply this: that it gives you a moment of clarity, of happiness, in an otherwise cluttered world.
– Clare xx

Thankyou for making our weekend, Bowditch.