WATCH: China’s Official ‘Star Wars’ Track Is A Truly Ridiculous Banger

China’s Star Wars employees: “Hey George, we were thinking of making this bloke China’s official Star Wars ambassador. Lu Han, he’s known as China’s version of Justin Bieber. That cool?”

George Lucas: “Oh… yeah? Alright then.”
China’s Star Wars employees: “Okay we’re going to do an official song and music video for ‘The Force Awakens’. That cool?”
George Lucas: “Uhhh…. if you think it will be tasteful? It’ll be difficult to echo the true genius of John Williams‘ scores.”
China’s Star Wars employees: “Oh yeah. So tasteful. The lyrics of the song will have tonnes of references to lightsabers and betrayal, and all that sorta crap. The shit you like, but heaps modern. Same with the music video.”
George Lucas: “Oh… oh okay. Um, look – as long as it sits within my original and modern vision for the Star Wars franchise, and doesn’t embarrass Lucasfilm.”
China’s Star Wars employees: “We know exactly what you mean, George. Leave it with us.”
Source/Photo: Youtube.