Ed Sheeran seems like an alright bloke.

From playing along with Hamish & Andy on a random prank to nuking his social media accounts to just chill out for a while, the British muso kinda just does what he reckons is chill, and we an respect that.

Especially today, when that chillness extends to delivering fans a present, on his own dang birthday. Sheeran dropped a live video for his newie How Would You Feel (Paean) out of the blue, instructing y’all to “go give it a listen while I eat some cake.”

It’s a chill number – no surprises here, really – crooned out in a cozy room, and accompanied by some soft keys. Props to the 25 26-year-old’s impressive range on that bridge, as he all but channels A-Ha on those high notes:

This one’s off his new LP ÷, which will celebrate its own birthday on March 3. 
Source and photo: Ed Sheeran / YouTube.