WATCH: Brendan Maclean’s ‘Free To Love’ Has Sharp Threads, Killer Moves

Brendan Maclean is back in the building, with the brand new video for ‘Free To Love‘, the latest track to be taken from his wildly successful funbang1 EP.  It’s a little bit Prince, a little bit Nile Rodgers, and hell, a little bit Justin Timberlake as well. Maclean himself told us of the video:

“I’ve never been more nervous going to a set. I usually just dance by myself so, ya know, the audience has nothing to compare it with. Free To Love, on the other hand, had an entire cast of dancers – all who have a unique sense of beauty and style in their interpretation of Courtney Hale‘s choreography. I was packing it on the day but I think we got there – actually I’m sure of it.”
‘Free To Love’ was directed by Josh Harris, who also made Maclean’s video for ‘Tectonic‘. Please enjoy the premiere, here on PEDESTRIAN.TV:  

Source: YouTube.