WATCH: Black Eyed Peas Re-Release ‘Where Is The Love’ Ft. 60+ Celebs

As promised, the Black Eyed Peas have re-released their hugely popular noughties single, ‘Where is the Love?‘. 
Using the same icoonography of the red question inside a square box, the quartet appear in between a range of other artists who’ve contributed to the topically-updated track and accompanying video. 
Cameos include A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith, DJ Khaled, P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, Kendall Jenner, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, The Game, Kris Jenner, Nicole Scherzinger, Winnie Harlow, Lance Bass, User, Ty Dolla $ign and geez, so many others than we are physically struggling to keep up. 

The song uses images of countries currently torn apart by war and refugees fleeing their homes, and also speaks heavily on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and the ongoing issue of police brutality against black people in the US (one of the people featured is Sandra Sterling, the aunt of police brutality victim Alton Sterling).
While the opening image of young asylum seeker Alan Kurdi flashing up seems a little too abrupt to perhaps be in good taste (but obviously intended to ‘shock’ the viewer into empathetic action), and the self-promotion of DJ Khaled yelling ‘LOVE IS THE KEY‘ also feels slightly off, the general sentiment of the song is just as heartwarming as it was back in 2003. 
See for yourself:

Frontman told Rolling Stone
“I remember when the Paris attack happened, people would say, we need ‘Where Is The Love?’ And then Belgium happened. And then Turkey, and then Orlando, and then Philando, and Alton before him, and then Dallas. 

Everyone was calling on us, like, ‘we need that song again.’ 

I hope this song inspires the millennials to go all out. Scream from the tallest mountain. Care like your freedom depends on it. Pay attention like that is at risk.”
The proceeds from the song purchased on iTunes goes towards a range of different charities, which you can see on the website:
Pulls ya heartstrings that we still need this kind of anthem of hope 13 years on, doesn’t it?
Source: Twitter