Watch: Big Boi Feat. Janelle Monae “Be Still”

Big Boi’s new single “Be Still” features Janelle Monae which means you can immediately take a few things for granted when it comes to the video: he’s going to have his own set of Daddy Fat Saxxx cheerleaders, and she’s gonna be looking the business in perfectly coordiated Chanel outfits. The clip views like someone ate at the video genre buffet and had a giant spew: film noir, ghetto rap, streetscapes in black and white, animation, 1970’s disco, iMovie star wipes, cartoonish text grabs… you get the picture.

Shot by G. Visuals the video features an eclectic mix of the aforementioned cheerleaders, bongos and trumpets, Big Boi as the moon, cocktails, synchronised dance moves, and Monae being the personification of perfect. We’re not quite sure what the point is but does it really matter?

Words by Jess Glass

Via P4K via Fader