Up until recently, the 80s was a hated and reviled time – looked down up with disdain for the terrible outfits, ridiculous TV shows and, most importantly, the fucking awful haircuts. But, as it always does, the 80s is having its day in the sun again, for the first time since, well, the 80s. 
Movies like ‘Drive‘, shows like ‘Stranger Things‘, and the soundtracks to movies like ‘Drive‘ and shows like ‘Stranger Things‘ are focusing on the parts of the 80s that didn’t involve wearing parachute pants and make terrible office induction videos – and, frankly, it rules.
Now Bieber is getting in on the game, with a somewhat baffling but extraordinarily good-looking video for his collab with DJ Snake, ‘Let Me Love You‘, from music video / commercial director James Lees, who is not at all unfamiliar with weird 80s stuff:
While the ‘Let Me Love You’ video is a tiny bit less batshit insane, it is similarly soaked in that glorious 80s neon vibe but with an added helping of classic muscle cars, crime and a very, very weird twist ending that throws the rest of the video into an extremely odd light.
I don’t want to give it away, but you will definitely see what I mean. Wrap your eyes around this:
Photo: YouTube.