Last night while you were sleepin’, someone was thinking of you. That person was Beyoncé

Ya girl was like ‘Oh man, I wanna make sure all my fans who’ve been hurt get to see me ‘Sorry’ video soon’ – so it’s dropped on Youtube, for everyone’s viewing pleasure (not just those with a Tidal subscription). 

Serena Williams, who can twerk like a goddamn star, joins Bey in putting her ‘middle fingers up, tell’ him ‘boy, bye” in the video, and the pair look just shut-the-fuck-up gorgeous. Shut-the-goddamn-door beautiful.

In an interview in May, Williams said Bey told her “that she just wants me to dance, like just be really free and just dance like nobody’s looking and go all out.”

Enjoy, make your Thursday #blessed:

WATCH: Beyoncé & Serena Williams Tell ‘Em ‘Boy, Bye’ In ‘Sorry’ VidASHES TO ASHES,  DUST TO SIDE CHICKS WATCH: Beyoncé & Serena Williams Tell ‘Em ‘Boy, Bye’ In ‘Sorry’ Vid~

Source: Youtube