WATCH: Aussie Dude Blows Bride’s Mind, Has A$AP Ferg Bless Their Union

Gifts between a bride and groom are so cliché these days: cufflinks, necklaces, engraved-anything.
A video tribute to your beloved featuring the one-and-only A$AP Ferg, though? That’s an exchange we can get behind.
Michael Dawson, a copywriter from Sydney, pulled a fast-one on his super-fan wife Jessica – who listens to his jams “pretty much 24/7” – at their wedding earlier this month, when he surprised her with a video mezzo from Hood Pope himself, blessing their holy union.
It was actually a *lot* easier to get Ferg involved than you might think, Mike told P.TV.
“He was performing in Sydney [at The Hi-Fi, back in May] and I just got in touch with his people to make the request, then they came back and said ‘We’ll arrange for you to put the idea to him and he may say no’,” he says. “He put on a meet-and-greet where people got photos, and the tour manager arranged for me to hang back to ask, then he introduced us and I gave him my spiel. I was so surprised when he said ‘Yeah sure’, he was actually super down with it.”
It was filmed before his gig later that night, right at the venue, and Ferg even offered up his official tour videographer to document the whole thing (Mike had planned to film it on his phone). 
The hardest part? Waiting almost 6 months to share the final product with Jessica who, as you’d imagine, lost her fucking mind when the tape rolled during the reception. 
“She was over the moon, she literally couldn’t believe it,” he laughs. “The language raised a few eyebrows among the older family members who had no idea who he was but amongst our friends it was pretty huge.”
Well played, son, well played.
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