WATCH: Ariana Grande Slay Impressions Of X-Tina, Britney, Celine Dion

ICYMI: Jimmy Fallon’s been making celeb guests with ~vocal prowess~ impersonate each other whilst singing ill-fitting tunes on The Tonight Show of late, with LOL results.

The most recent of these impersonations was done by one Ariana Grande (whose name would make a great coffee flavour, don’t you think?), who once again proved she has a *really* fucking decent set of lungs on her (where do these large lungs live? No one knows. She’s so goddamn tiny.)
Fallon’s “random” Wheel of Musical Impressions forced Grande to tackle Mary Had A Little Lamb in the style of Britney Spears, The Wheels On The Bus whilst channeling Christina Aguilera (WHICH WAS FUCKING ON-POINT, LIKE CRAZY GOOD) and a rendition of Can’t Feel My Face with the flair of Celine Dion.
Watch for shits and giggles: