Watch: All The Action From the 2013 Pedestrian Ultrabook Blogster Awards

If you missed this month’s bumper 2013 Ultrabook Pedestrian Blogsters Awards you missed a shindig to remember (but was very difficult to) celebrating the best, brightest and most intriguing local voices on The Internet.

Microphones were shouted into, dranks were drank, crowns were worn, conversation was made with decreasing coherence as the night went on. You really should have been there.

No matter, we were there to capture the important stuff including a quick chat with Vlogger and Intel Blogger of the Year winner, Troye Sivian, who explains the alluring professional benefits of combining boredom with a wi-fi connection.

Big ups to our sponsors at Intel, Corona, SKYY Vodka and Toshiba. See you next year!