WATCH: Alex Lahey Tears ‘Torn’ A New One In A Huge ‘Like A Version’

It’s all well and good to strut into the Triple J studios for your tilt at Friday favourite ‘Like a Version‘ packing a stripped back rendition of a popular tune; a previously rollicking banger suddenly turned quiet, soulful, or sparse. That’s fine. There ain’t a dang thing wrong with that.

But god damn it, sometimes the best option is to march in there and rock the shit out of it.
Up-and-coming Melbourne champion Alex Lahey took the concept of covering a tune to a whole other level earlier today by dropping a cover-of-a-cover-of-a-cover-of-a-cover; taking the Natalie Imbruglia version of certified Huge Tune™ ‘Torn‘ and turning that shit up to 11.
It’s been covered a whole bunch of times dating back to the OG 1993 versions by Ednaswap and Lis Sørenson, but even the Imbruglia rendition didn’t have a dirty, fuzzy, slide solo at the end of it.
This is the good shit.

Hell. Yes. Alex. Lahey.

Source: Triple J/YouTube.