WATCH: AB Original & Paul Kelly Do All The Dumb Things For ‘Like A Version’

You know it’s gonna be a good one when Triple J lets you use the big studio.

In what’s been a very solid year for the evergreen ‘Like a Version,’ today’s instalment stands itself out from the crowd purely for its personnel alone.
A.B. Original, the searingly great and important collaboration between Briggs and Trials, brought in Australia’s greatest ever singer-songwriter in Paul Kelly, as well as most handsome man in all the land Dan Sultan to put a sizzling dub/hip-hop spin on Kelly’s Hall of Fame-worth quintessential hit ‘Dumb Things.’
And it is good, too. Really, really, really goddamned good.
Briggs and Trials ably handle verse work duty over the top of Kelly’s unmistakable choruses, and if you can find me a tune from this year that better represents a real Australia better than this, I’ll eat a box of hats.
Get this squarely into you immediately.

Will back any ‘Like a Version’ that has a little soulful hammond eggs in the background just for flavour.
3 votes for the boys.

Source: YouTube.