WATCH: A Disguised Miley Cyrus Started A Giant Dance Party In A NYC Subway

For all the (very much justified) criticism that he’s been copping in recent times, occasionally Jimmy Fallon still manages to pull out something extremely fun on ‘The Tonight Show.’
With Miley Cyrus along for the ride, the pair headed down the elevator at the Rockefeller Centre and into the Subway station below, in full disguise, to do a little clandestine busking.
Sure, the costumes are a little shaky and a whole bunch of people see through them practically immediately, but hot dang is this ever a performance.
Cyrus busted out her extremely good rendition of ‘Jolene,’ made famous by her godmother Dolly Parton, before Fallon and Cyrus ditched the disguises and lead a throng of subway commuters in a rollicking singalong of ‘Party in the USA.’
It’s really, really, REALLY bloody fun.

For real though, those disguises? You’re not fooling anyone, Cyrus.
Not even for a single dang second.
Source: YouTube.