WATCH: A.B. Original Tackle Deaths In Custody With Powerful ‘Report To The Mist’

A.B. Original have had a huge year.
The Australian hip hop duo’s debut album, Reclaim Australia, has been met with praise across the board, with their heaving tracks giving full attention to Indigenous issues that are so often swept under the rug. 
Today Briggs and Trials have dropped a biting new track and accompanying video, Report To The Mist.
Whilst beautifully-shot, the clip shines an unforgiving light on police brutality in Indigenous communities and Australian prisons. The timing couldn’t be more spot on, as today marks the 30th anniversary of Bob Hawke calling the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.
The video is accompanied by a standalone webpage,, that further details the alarming statistics on mortality rates of Indigenous Australians in custody. 
“In 1987, Bob Hawke called for a Royal Commission to examine the social, cultural and specific circumstances of 99 Aboriginal deaths in custody between 1980 and 1989,” reads the website.
“30 years later, the situation is worse.”
The webpage ends with a harrowing piece of prose by Gomeroi woman Kelly Briggs.

“When I look past my anger I feel deep sorrow – sorrow that this country for over 220 years has not valued Aboriginal lives. If it did, this article would not have to be written.

I would not lie in bed fearing for my family members that are imprisoned, that the next time I see them will be at their funerals. I wouldn’t be terrified that my own children will one day make a mistake that puts them in a harmful judicial system.

This country must do better. Conversations are taking place but there must be a sense of urgency because as it stands, Aboriginal people are still dying entirely preventable deaths while incarcerated.” 
Powerful stuff. You can buy the duo’s album on Apple Music here.
Photo: A.B. Original.