Watch 1,000 Italians Play ‘Learn To Fly’ In Bid To Coax Foo Fighters To Town

Some music fans launch an online campaign to have their favourite band play in their home city or, ya know, bombard them with pleading tweets.
But Italian music lovers Do. Not. Fuck. Around with that shit – they get straight down to business.
In what’s possibly the most impressive bid to convince a band to play a gig EVER, 1,000 lovers of the Foo Fighters from all over Italy gathered in a field to play the rockers’ hit ‘Learn To Fly’ as a plea to Dave Grohl to stage a show in the city of Cesena.
It was uploaded to YouTube overnight and went viral, with 1.5 million views and counting.
Check it:

You’d think Grohl would adjust the band’s touring schedule accordingly but alls he’s given his dedicated AF fans is a pat on the back.