‘Rage’ Is Playing 100% Nu-Metal Tonight So Grababrushandputalittlemakeup

The year is 2000. Russell Crowe was Hollywood’s next big thing, enjoying his golden period between starring in Gladiator and throwing a phone at a hotel clerk in New York. Scores of people freely passed through airport security without having to remove their shoes or belts. Crash Holly was defending the WWF Hardcore Championship under the absurdly brilliant 24/7 rule. And the crushing and glorious sounds of nu-metal were dominating the airwaves worldwide.

And while that Woodstock ’99 double-CD compilation might’ve seen its last spin through the discman some time ago, your good mates at the ABC are throwing a Monday night party that harks back to simpler times, where all bass guitars had six strings and were tuned so low they barely registered an audible rattle.

Rage, which is now airing on Sunday and Monday nights (we’re a bit surprised too, TBH), has revealed tonight they’re opening up The Vault for a wall-to-wall playlist of nu-metal hits that’ll have you moshing a hole in the floor so deep you’ll probably come up in an HMV.

The OG Facebook post promises a whole mess of extremely aggressive goodness from the likes of KornSystem of a DownLimp BizkitDeftonesMudvayneSlipknotStatic-X, and a hot mess more. But being the kind souls that they are, they’ve released the full playlist, and it is white (pony) hot.

Sweet merciful crap, would you look at all that. Pardon Me into DenialGot the Life into NookieDig into Left Behind!

While the eye might immediately be drawn to the plethora of certified hits in there, attention absolutely needs to be paid to the fact that the whole shebang begins with Biohazard and freakin’ Stuck Mojo, and ends with a pair of Kittie tunes.

Whoever put this list together almost definitely has a still-playable copy of the Family Values Tour DVD and we salute them for it.

Put the LA Ice in the fridge and grab the wet-look hair gel out of the cupboard; tonight’s gonna be a long one.

Rage hits the airwaves at precisely 1:12am tonight.