Vincent Fantauzzo’s Pedestrian favoredKimbra (the build up)Somebody I Used To Know

With a knack for clever and very popular collaborations, Kimbra composed a song and shot a clip with Fantauzzo as a companion piece to the stunning portrait. Speaking to Pedestrian in March 2012, Kimbra detailed her involvement in the project. 

We actually did a full video shoot that accompanies the painting.
It’s a collaboration – me and [artist] Vincent Fantauzzo had the idea to
incorporate art and music so that people would see a portrait and then
actually go inside the portrait and experience it as a moving image. It
was awesome to be a part off that and he’s one of the most awesome
people I’ve ever met.

For further information, contact Metro Galley.

We have just been informed the the piece has been purchased anonymously at an unspecified price. That was quick.