My One Regret In This Life Is Not Finding These Vin Diesel Karaoke Videos Sooner

I moved into a sharehouse last week with 3 new people. I loosely know one of the housemates but all in all, it’s been an awkward week of sniffing each other out and us collectively being on our best new housemate behaviour. 

We all retreat to our rooms upon arriving home like millennials tend to do in times of social anxiety. We needed to break the ice post-haste, and I can pinpoint the exact moment it happened…when one housemate showed the rest of us – grossly unprepared and unaware – these self-made Youtube videos of Vin Diesel very unironically singing heartfelt love songs. 

I was skeptical at first. Vin doesn’t seem like a karaoke enthusiast off the bat. But after 30 seconds you will realise that this may be the most genuine piece of media you may have ever consumed, and if you are like me, it might bring a tear to your eye and your jaw a little closer to the floor.

He sings Sam Smith, Tove Lo, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Maroon Five and more. My favourite has to be Rhianna’s Stay, he said he posted originally as a romantic gesture for his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez (still together of course cos why would you leave him after this).

These date back to 2013, so why did no one bother to tell me? I could have used this pick me up years ago.

Vin clearly finds great joy in singing, and he really goes for it too, no falsetto too high to try with his natural baritone voice. Although he misses a note here and there, it’s overshadowed by his emotion. I love you Rihanna, but I will only hear Vin Diesel’s rendition of your tune going forward.

When he sings the lyrics “It’s not much of a life you’re living” I can’t help but be haunted that it is in fact not much of a life I’m living. 

Jimmy Fallon picked up on this years ago, and Vin made an appearance on his show, singing “Lean On Me” and it’s adorable AF.

On a serious note, I think there is something wonderful to be learned here. As someone who has spent a million dollars on singing lessons, just to be dumped by teacher after teacher who all say “I admire your passion, but I just cannot teach you how to sing”, I am ready to embrace my shitty voice and sing because it’s what I like to do. No fear of looking silly, no need for perfection, no need to make it into a joke. Just to sing because it feels good, I encourage you to do the same.

Four videos deep, my housemates and I were well aware we were witnessing something truly genuine and rich with the rawness and vulnerability award-winning documentaries can only dream of capturing.

We watched in union and harmony, all but holding hands, as if we were witnessing the Northern Lights together for the first time. Our bond is now strong, it’s like we have lived a thousand lives together. 

FYI this video of him dancing to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” is also a mood (although, of a different flavour). 

love your work

Just call me Van Diesel from here on out thanks.