Vice Magazine have been the authority on cool for as long as American Apparel have been making girls go topless, so it makes sense that they’d get behind Noisey, a new project in which they curate the best new sounds from around the world for your eyes and ears.

Noisey, which launched this week on the interwebs, is a collaboration between Vice, Dell and Intel, which means the technology is top-notch. Vice seek out hot new acts from 10 countries, film their gigs and upload them in high quality for your streaming pleasure. So if you’re not going to make it to Berlin or London this year, it doesn’t even matter. The best of the world’s music scenes are headed right for your browser.

Melbourne band My Disco have the enviable position of being one of only two Aussie bands currently featured on the site. Check out the clip below, taken from the band’s recent gig at Manning Bar.

Get exploring for yourself at the Noisey homepage.