You may have heard the news this morning that Instagram is chucking a couple of new bells and whistles onto its increasingly bloated app, or, alternatively, you’re Britney Spears and you only just discovered a feature that’s been on the bloody thing since August. 

Her Royal Britness, bless her cotton socks, has just posted her first ever post to Instagram Stories (that cheeky Snapchat-copy that sits prominently on the top left of your feed FYI) and not since that time she discovered Ryan Seacrest was straight live on air (see below), has the internet been so privileged to receive HOT BRITNEY CONTENT.

Much like a lot of things Britney has done/will do, it’s a fairly inscrutable little ol’ tale she attempts to regale us with, opening with a classic side-ways-tongue-poke selfie and a comment on “getting too old for this shit” before escalating the fuck out of here:

Couple of points: firstly, of course Britney Spears is a huge fan of Modern Family. In a year where not a whole lot has made sense, this one just… FITS, you know?

Secondly, if someone can point out to me the correlation between ruminating on the endless crawl of time/it’s unavoidable effects on the human body and a bland-ass sitcom that hasn’t been funny since its second episode, I’d really love to be enlightened.

So there ya have it folks, Britney Spears’ transition to full blown mum, is near completion.

As you were.