One of the more hilarious things to come out of the internet of late is the “Partners of Instagrammers” trope, which takes the form of photos of people taking photos of people posing for Instagram perfection.

Think the hapless boyfriend flat on his stomach to get the perfect angle of ‘Yoga_Jen_11’ in her downward dog, or the girlfriend forced to try and get the light just right as it bounces of her gym-junkie bf’s pectoral. 

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Ok, now picture that but the person behind the camera is Britney fucking Spears. Cause if the internet’s current theory is correct (and it IS imho), then that’s exactly what’s happening right now between Britters and her insanely hot piece of ass boyfriend.

Ladies, gentleman and others, may I introduce to you, 23-year-old rig Sam Asghari.

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The stunning beefcake of a model/actor and star of the next week of my sexual fantasies, Asghari posts numerous thirst traps to his IG account of 330k followers and lately has been tagging them with photo credits to “my better half” and “my lioness”. Aka, music icon and girl who gets to hit that slice of man candy on the reg, one Ms. Spears.

Here are some of the photos attributed to the multi-talented slashie, followed by what each picture makes me want to do Asghari.

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I want to straight up bottle and freeze that bath water into ice cubes so that every drink I have for the next year includes a taste of it.

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I want to shrink myself down to the size of a flea and make a home out of his chest hair where I will live forever.

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I desperately want to swoop in on a magic carpet and take his naked ass on a sexual journey across the skies.

OK that’ll do, quench your own thirst by heading to his Instagram.

Here’s to you Britney Spears. Your photography talents are as finely honed as your ability to get the best D in town. Amen, girl.

Photos: Instagram / @samasghari.