Two Melbourne Bros Listen To ‘Barbra Streisand’ For 36 Hours

Nick Clarke and Dan Watt are friggin’ crazy.

The two aspiring music VJs, who have started a Melbourne music site called Poncho, promised to listen to ‘Barbra Streisand’ by Duck Sauce for 48 hours if they got 5000 likes on their Facebook page. You may recall this as The Most Irritatingly Repetitive Song On Earth. It’s a great publicity stunt if ever we’ve seen it, and to prove their mettle, they’re broadcasting the entire thing via Ustream, which means you can watch them slowly lose their marbles in real time.

Last night, thing became a bit stressful for Dan and I,‘ says Nick, ‘But luckily we had an emergency joint. I’m not sure ultimately whether getting a bit stoned was a good idea. But I found it just made me fixate on the track more. Dan was hearing parts of the song that weren’t there.‘ They’ve currently gone for over 24 hours and hope to make it to 36, and we will totally be watching the whole thing.

Ten points if they say ‘Pedestrian.TV are the shiznit’ live on air.

Photo by Deckland Hobogestapo.