Twitter Is Having A Blast W/ Diddy Maxing & Relaxing On The Met Gala Steps

The Met Gala is a great time for everyone – for people who love fashion, it’s a time to appreciate beautiful people in incredible outfits, for people who don’t love fashion, it’s a time to laugh at people wearing what basically amounts to a lobster costume that cost more than you make in a year. 

In a sea of people wearing outfits designed to be as eye-catching as possible, it can be somewhat tough to stand out, not for Sean “P. Diddy” Combs though, who showed off his immaculate suit by just chilling on the stairs on the way in.
Photo: Getty Images / Taylor Hill.
Obviously, the internet loved it.

My theory is that he really wanted to show off his swish Louboutins, but the man himself reckons he was just a bit tuckered out:

Fair cop.
Photo: Getty Images / Taylor Hill.