Some groups lose their shit, become hyper-introspective, and eventually implode as soon as they get the dreaded ‘buzz band’ label. This is not the case for Long Island-spawned five-piece Twin Sister. Their debut LP ‘In Heaven’ is due tomorrow, and will caress your ears with romantic synth-driven melodies and dreamy yet danceable hooks. Alas, the aforementioned afterlife does exist and it can be found in the free stream of their entire album below. We recently spoke with lead singer Andrea Estella who discussed the band’s inspiration, why her voice is higher and the processes behind their first full length album.

On the fear of recording a full length.
On writing new songs for the album.
On what she was listening to while making ‘In Heaven’.
On how far the band have come in the last 3 years
On track selection for ‘In Heaven’.
On overdoing songs. ‘,
On her proudest moment on the record.
On the quickest song on the album to complete .
On what 2011 holds for the band.