As of right bloody now, Adele is currently exploding the minds and tear ducts of tens of thousands of happy Queenslanders

It’s the second night in a row the English pop machine / emotion-wringer has captivated crowds at The Gabba, but if it were up to a couple of heavy hitters on the Brisbane city council, the shows might have been relocated. 

ICYMI, Councillor Adrian Schrinner said the concert would put a massive strain on the city’s public transport system. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk backed those claims up, saying “I want to make it clear that the Sunday night concert presents a very big challenge” for BNE’s trains and buses.

The thing is, Adele caught wind of those objections last night – and she had a coupla words to say about it. 

Punters at that ha-yuuuge gig were gifted to a smackdown from Grammy-hoardin’ legend. News Corp reports the 25-belter said “I know there was a bit of controversy about me playing the Gabba.

“I think they should shut up with their bloody moaning, fucking hell. 

“Shut up! I come from fucking London. I’m happy to be in Brisbane.”
Make no mistake, Quirk said her presence would be “absolutely fabulous”, but Adele was seemingly unperturbed by the hand-wringing about the city’s metro infrastructure. 

It doesn’t appear that she’s unleashed another call for the council to simmer down at tonight’s gig. Also, the goddamn horde of bugs which invaded the stage is yet to make another appearance.

For what it’s worth: the extra buses seem to be working reasonably well, thanks for asking.

Source: The Herald Sun / The Courier Mail. 
Photo: Glenn Hunt / Getty.