Aussie Band Posts Update After Singer’s Stage Dive Left Fan With ‘Catastrophic Spinal Injuries’

Australian band Trophy Eyes has given an update on the recovery of a fan who was seriously injured at one of its US shows in April.

During the Newcastle punk’s show in Buffalo, New York a few months ago, 24-year-old fan Bird Piche was left with catastrophic spinal injuries. These occurred when the band’s lead singer, John Floreani, attempted to crowd surf across the mosh pit and ended up landing on her head per The Mirror.

In a multi-part Post published on Instagram, the band shared the emotional update.

“We are happy to share that Bird is underway in the rehab phase of her recovery. With physical therapy, she has regained movement in her arms and wrists, and feeling has returned to her legs and feet,” it began.

“We all share the same eager optimism for her recovery, however, spinal injuries are very serious, and require a lot of hard work and patience – the first year of rehabilitation is critical.

“Bird’s tenacity and hard work means that, hopefully soon, she will leave her unit and continue her rehab and recovery in an accessible new home.

“We remain in frequent communication with Bird as we continue to work closely with the family to aid in Bird’s recovery any way we can.”

The band has contributed $5000 to assist in her recovery amidst further crowdfunding efforts by the band’s fanbase.

Back in May during an interview with NBC News, she admitted, “When you hear about these types of injuries, they’re obviously very serious so I didn’t expect to have any recovery”.

“Nothing is certain, obviously, but they are predicting l will have full recovery of everything.”

Bird’s mother, Amy Leigh Flaminio, also revealed that in the aftermath of the incident, “We were worried she wasn’t going to make it”.

The band’s fanbase has also been supportive of the band’s response.

In the update Post’s comments, the most-liked comment read, “I think you’ve handled such a terrible situation in the best way possible guys. For anyone pointing the finger at John, it was a freak accident and this would weigh on his mind enough already. Wishing all the very best to Bird. TE forever”.

“Class acts right here. This is community!!” read another.

While the band’s fanbase has been forgiving, Mike Thor, the venue’s manager, has stridently reminded people that the venue has a “no moshing” rule per

“There are signs posted everywhere in the venue and notice was included in the emails for this show with the show’s promoter and the band themselves.

“Our policy and practised procedure is a full show stop for any stage diving which was put into place for this incident.”

Trophy Eyes is currently touring.