The good folks over at Triple J are having themselves a little celebration, after fave Veronica Milsom announced she’s expecting a bébé.

Here’s how it all went down.

Ron and Drive co-host Lewis Hobba recently went and won the damn keys to the small country town of Cohuna by completing a series of true-blue challenges, including running ultrasounds on mama cows to check how their calves are doing.

That’s when Ron decided to hike up her top and chuck the ultrasound on herself, and when the little bebu popped up on the screen, the Very Serious Expert Vet declared, “Yeah, she’s cooked.

Check out the vid below for the full reveal of the wee Cohuna. 

As for her spot on the airwaves every weekday afternoon, the Triple J team have confirmed they will make an announcement later on in the year.

Congratulations, Ron!

Photo: Facebook / Triple J.