Triple J Tease The Crap Out Of The ‘Hottest 100’ Results Ahead Of Oz Day

The annual day of the year when we gather round the barbie, crack open a cold one, and argue merrily about the best 100 songs to hit our airwaves the previous year is almost upon us.

Yep, Australia Day is right around the corner, and that day has come to be defined – along with the annual but v. v. important Invasion Day conversation – with Triple J’s Hottest 100.

And now that the votes are in (all 2,094,350 of them), Triple J is being an all-mighty tease with the results.

In a press release designed to invoke mass-anticipation sent out this morning, they revealed that:

  • Aussie artists make up 54% of the Hottest 100
  • 26 artists are making their Hottest 100 debut
  • More than 16,000 songs were voted for
If you’re in a gambling mood – which Triple J has condemned, btw – and also happened to be particularly good at maths, that might help you make a few wagers. Right now, Kendrick Lamar‘s King Kunta and Major Lazer and DJ Snake‘s Lean On (ft. ) are battling it out as the favourite for #1. Weirdly, it looks like Tom Waterhouse has taken down their Hottest 100 betting page, but others appear to be up-and-running.

Triple J also confirmed what we all suspected (if we thought about it enough): 2015 was the year of the banger. The average BPM of the Hottest 100 is 123, an increase from an average BMP in 2014 of 121 (when Chet Faker‘s Talk Is Cheap won) and 116 in 2013 (won by Vance Joy‘s Riptide).

They also took a swipe at Buzzfeed‘s #tay4hottest100 campaign, proudly claiming that the number of successful troll campaigns / songs disqualified equalled a big, fat zero.

Photo: Tame Impala at Lollapalooza in Berlin in 2015 / Frank Hoensch / Getty.