If you’re the kind of Triple J fan who has been deeply missing Super Request since it left the air back in 2011, get absolutely stoked because the station is opening up the phone lines once again for its very first ‘Requestival’ – a whole week music requests from punters.

Surely this will only end well and not in total chaos when someone eventually requests Smash Mouth song every hour on the hour. Which will have nothing to do with me whatsoever. Do not look into it.

Kicking off with the Brekkie show on Monday, May 25 and going through until Sunday evening, every song played between 6am and 9pm every day will be taken from the Triple J request line, and they mean everything. Maybe you’re missing the glory days when there would be at least one (1) solid comedy song in the Hottest 100, or you’re dead keen to finally put the whole Taylor Swift thing to bed once and for all, the national youth broadcaster is taking every song entry into serious consideration with its week-long request fest.

But not only does this mean you can totally barrage them with requests of Salmon Hater‘s ‘6.66 (1/100th Of The Number Of The Beast)‘ or the album version of Meatloaf‘s ‘I’d Do Anything For Love‘ – all 12.01 minutes of it – it also means you can get behind some of your fave unplayed, independent artists. Maybe it’s someone you’ve found and loved on Unearthed, or your mates have gotten creative in isolation and now have a fully-fledged house band. Yep, they’re included too.

If you’ve got a bunch of requests burning in the back of your mind that you’ve really wanted to get on the radio for that last however long – wow remember calling up the radio to try and get your picks on the air? I do – all you gotta do is submit your track requests through the Triple J app.

JJJ also want to know why you’re requesting your chosen bangers if you’ve got some perfect little memories of The Before Times™ attached to them, and why your requested tracks mean something to you. The Triple J gang will be picking out their fave stories and slinging some comfy cosy winter merch to keep you toasty at home, and you’ll (hopefully) be able to have a boogie to your requests being played on the radio.

There’s no excitement purer than hearing a song you asked for being playing on a national level, and I dunno about you but I’ve bloody missed sitting by the radio waiting for your influence to air. Nothing like it, mates.

Image: YouTube / Smash Mouth