Triple J’s Liam Got Absolutely Dogged By His ‘Sunrise’ Mate Live On Air

It’s good to have friends, mates. Even if they do stitch you up good and proper on live national TV. Just ask Triple J Breakfast legend Liam Stapleton, who copped the absolute pantsing of a lifetime thanks to a good friend, a job on a major commercial TV morning show, and a pair of courtside seats at an NBL game.

Allow us to elaborate.

[jwplayer wdPM27I5]

This past weekend, Liam took his great mate Sam Mac, who some of you may know as the Sunrise weatherman, to an NBL game between the Sydney Kings and the Adelaide 36ers. It just so happened to be Mac’s birthday, and the tickets just so happened to be dead on courtside. Though it’s a slightly less glamorous affair here in Australia compared to America’s NBA, and Liam pointed that out on Instagram.

Mac, being the tongue-in-cheek sort, posted his own version of the gag to Instagram a couple of hours later, only with Liam conspicuously cropped out.

Coincidence, you might think. Clearly just doing his own gag for his own followers, you might say. Nothing untoward here, you might believe.

Come the Sunrise broadcast this morning, though, Mac continued the Liam erasure by mentioning he went to the basketball with “my friend who no one’s heard of,” which is a huge burn if we’re honest.

It got worse, but. Peking Duk caught wind of the shenanigans while en route to a Sunrise interview with Mac, and tried pressing further only to cop duck eggs, and the broadcast wrapped with Mac cheekily shouting out “The Ben Harvey Breakfast Program on Triple J.”

In the spirit of fun, Ben then made Liam air the whole saga out on Triple J airwaves purely for the sake of a laugh.

Red hot gear, that. Absolutely got him dead to rights.

Will this be a feud that escalates over time? Will we eventually see the Triple J kids take their show on the road in an effort to gatecrash one of Mac’s broadcasts? Will Liam score more courtside seats but invite Kochie instead?

Tune in and find out, folks.