Triple J’s Liam Finally Tested The Theory He Sounds Exactly Like Hamish Blake

Back when your good mates Ben & Liam took over the reins at Triple J‘s coveted Breakfast slot, the almost immediate reaction from punters was one of bemused confusion. Liam, they posited, sounded a bloody shitload like Hamish Blake. Almost to the point of it being imperceptible.

[jwplayer JJ1ba9rZ]

Was it a case of Triple J searching for a facsimile of Hamish & Andy, looking to replicate their success on the youth government broadcaster by providing virtual soundalikes? Was it a case of Hamish secretly doing a deeply elaborate bit by conjuring up this fake “Liam” persona in order to hook into a government salary? Was it a case of Liam having simply consumed so much of Hamish’s radio output previously that he was now subconsciously running an extremely good impression of his hero?

Whatever the case, after those first few awkward weeks Ben & Liam settled admirably into their roles and their Breakfast shift began operating at full steam.

Fast forward a few years later, however, and we’ve now got this: Liam and Hamish, side-by-side, testing out the theory that they sound alike by prank calling Liam’s girlfriend and getting Hamish to make up something about a free trip to the Gold Coast just to see if she bites.

It’s good, good, good, real good shit.

Is this content?” the beleaguered, exhausted call of anyone dating a person in the media.

Rachel, you have to know by now: Everything is content.