3.2 Million Votes Were In This Year’s Hottest 100 & Ya Jokin, Shoulda Been Higher

The voting window is now closed and the number boffins at Triple J are hard at work crunching the data to finalise this year’s Hottest 100. But in the interim, some immediate stats have been made available, and they are eye-wateringly huge.

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Triple J officials confirmed this afternoon that this year’s count hauled in a bloody dick-splittingly large 3,211,596 total votes. Repeat: Three million, two hundred and eleven thousand, five hundred and ninety six votes. There’s no two ways about it: That’s a lot of votes. You simply cannot deny the bigness of that amount of votes. Truly in awe at the size of the votes.

Not only is that a mammoth amount of votes, and not only is it the first time that the Hottest 100 count has cracked 3 million votes, but it’s an increase of 16.4% on the total votes from last year. SIXTEEN POINT FOUR PERCENT. That’s almost the same rate that the planet is heating or whatever!

Of that massive stack of people who voted this year, 77.5% of all votes came from people aged 30 and under. A whopping 58.5% were from the 24 and under age bracket. And 45.3% of votes were from the key 18-24 demographic, meaning the youths accounted for a shade over 13% of the vote. So when Paint It Black or whathaveyou appears in the countdown, you can probably blame TikTok without too much risk.

Interestingly enough, people identifying as female overwhelmingly dominated voting this year, accounting for 55.5% of the vote. Male and male-identifying people comprised 42.4%, while the remaining 2.1% of votes came from non-binary or unspecified people.

This year’s Hottest 100 countdown begins at 12:00pm AEDT this coming Saturday. You can tune in via standard airwaves, or via the Triple J website/app.

Ya jokin! Shoulda been higher! Etc.