“Triple J Can Go Fuck Themselves” Says Wolfmother Frontman

Facebook users with opinions aren’t the only ones railing against triple j this week. Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale, last seen noodling the fuck out at Splendour In The Grass (pictured), has joined the chorus of dissenters criticising the national youth broadcaster because they don’t pay enough attention to his awesome white-fro anymore.

The relationship between the one-time chums apparently transformed into the final third of Blue Valentine when triple j tweeted last weekend: “Meanwhile, the #SITG audience for @Wolfmother tonight 99.95% male ‘ 0.05% other”. Which is fairly accurate assessment of a crowd whose wives, girlfriends and every known female acquaintance was readying themselves for the impending cunnilingus rap-off at the adjacent Mix Up Tent. The band, who obviously took exception to claims they were playing to a huge prog rock sausage fest, replied: “Meanwhile JJJ stats shown to be 100% consistently lame…”

But it doesn’t end there. According to FasterLouder’s live review of Wolfmother’s post-Splendour performance in support of The Smashing Pumpkins in Sydney on Tuesday, Stockdale continued the beef with an f-bomb laced diatribe directed at a station he labelled “left wing conservatives”.

Says FasterLouder’s:“Left wing conservatives sitting up in their offices on their government paid wages” he railed, explaining that they never paid attention to him and his early demos until Wolfmother started getting hyped and as soon as everyone began to ‘hate’ Wolfmother they stopped playing them. “triple j can go fuck themselves!” was his venom laced message to the station.”

Now can someone please explain what a left wing conservative is?

UPDATE: triple j have issued the following response on their Facebook page: “After the online outcry on two fronts yesterday we were left with one obvious solution… We’re very happy to announce we’re replacing Lindsay Triple J McDougall with Andrew Stockdale as the new host of the triple j Drive show, effective immediately. Andrew is looking forward to collecting his ‘government paid wages’ with his ‘left wing conservative’ co-workers. When asked for comment, The Doctor said ‘triple j can go f**k themselves’.”


Image by Matt Roberts/Getty Images Entertainment