Triple J’s Ben & Liam Are Now Kicking Commercial Radio’s Ass In The Ratings

If you’ve heard your mate who works in radio crowing all morning, it’s because the hotly-contested radio ratings report has been released. And as far as Triple J‘s morning fun boys Ben & Liam are concerned, it’s a good az day.

A year-and-a-bit into their tenure as Triple J’s Breakfast presenters and the duo of Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton are finally making headway into the ultra-tough metropolitan radio markets, with the latest reports showing the boys have scored big ratings wins in just about every major city centre.

Their biggest win comes in Sydney and its battle royale-esque breakfast radio market.

Ben & Liam’s ratings have gone up a solid and full 1%, bringing their share of the audience to a healthy 5.2%. Not only is this enough to drag the government youth broadcaster up to 5th spot overall in the Sydney market, but it’s also enough to put them comfortably ahead of major commercial broadcast 2DayFM, whose high-profile team of Em RuscianoEd Kavalee, and Grant Denyer dropped 0.6% down to an audience share of 4.3%.

Elsewhere in the country, Ben & Liam scored solid jumps in Melbourne (up 0.2% to 4.1% overall), Brisbane (up 1 point to 7.4%), Adelaide (an increase of 0.3% to 5.1%) and remained steady in Perth with an audience share of 7.8%.

The numbers represent a solid and consistent result for the radio duo, who – after some teething issues – have settled into the highly coveted and challenging breakfast role with naught but aplomb.

Lads, good on youse.

Bloody good on youse indeed.