Triple J Is Doing A Special April Edition Of Aus Music T-Shirt Day To Get Behind Local Musos

Dig out that tatty old Oils shirt, because Triple J has announced it’s doing a very special one-off Aus Music T-Shirt Day next month, to help support and champion local artists and bands during the coronavirus pandemic. Hell yes mates, we get the best dress-up day of the year not once but twice in 2020.

In an effort to not only get people thinking about all the amazing Aus music being produced at the moment (and also the weird shit to come out of iso), but also to encourage the country to buy themselves some new merch as well.

It’s easily the most direct way to financially support your favourite bands and you get a sweet new shirt delivered to you as well. Who doesn’t like little presents in the mail? Nobody, that’s who!

Not only that but all the stations across the ABC will be playing wall to wall Aus music for the whole day on April 17, so tune on in to celebrate the best bops to come out of this sunburnt and practically locked-down land. Another chance to have an at-home dance party? Why the fuck not.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing off that sick Ball Park Music warehouse shirt/jumper that shares its design with a certain other…warehouse.

Or maybe you want to lean into your love for very expensive rap star and Northside Princess, Mallrat and also your mild appreciation for Thrasher magazine with this slick tee.–O/

Good to remember that we’re headed into the cooler months now too, so what better time to stock up on some long sleeves and hoodies for all your chilly day needs? You can never have too many long sleeve shirts, in my opinion.

Here’s a bunch of my faves from various pockets of Aus music to get you thinking about keeping your damn arms warm for once.

Luca Brasi – $39.95
Jack River – $50
Confidence Man – $45
The Veronicas – $45
Tame Impala – $50

Need some more inspo on new threads? The Sound of Silence has got a non-exhaustive list of bands you can flick some cash at for their very nice wares.

And if you can’t afford to spot yourself a new treat between now and April 17, or if you’re like me and your t-shirt drawer is literally overflowing (help me) then chuck on your fave and take a cute lil’ selfie. Support your local noise makers, so we can get back to live gigs and festivals when the lockdown is over and we can hug our friends again.