Streams Of ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ Rose By 2,859% During The Eclipse

The total solar eclipse was visible from the United States yesterday and it’s all they’ve been bloody talking about. Not that we’re jealous or anything.

Apart from being a cool thing to look at (safely, of course), the eclipse had another interesting effect on the world. It increased Spotify plays of a certain song by an insane amount.

In the hours leading up to the event, streams of Bonnie Tyler‘s 1983 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart soared by a whopping 2,859 percent on the platform in the US, compared to the same time two weeks earlier. Streams of the song increased globally by 827 percent.

Where was Bonnie Taylor during the eclipse, you ask? She was performing the song on a fucking cruise ship with DNCE.

Digital downloads of the song also rose by 503 percent in the week leading up to the eclipse compared to a week earlier, placing the song at number one on the iTunes charts.

As you can probably tell, everybody got really into the song during the rare cosmic event.

To celebrate the hit song’s monumental resurrection, here’s arguably the best version of it performed by The Dan Band in the movie Old School. Enjoy.