Tool Drop New Album Name, Promise To Finally Fkn Stream Their Back Catalogue

Progressive metal band Tool has announced the name and release date their long, long, long-awaited new record, and have confirmed their back catalogue will finally hit streaming services on Friday.

The new album is called Fear Inoculum, a Tool-esque title if we ever heard one, and it’s slated to hit record stores on August 30. That’s more than 13 years since their last effort, 2006’s 10,000 Days.

Presumably Fear Inoculum will also be available on services like Spotify and Apple Music when it premieres, joining the band’s other material on streaming platforms.

It’s legitimately huge news, and not just for pony-tail-and-cargo-short lads who get riled up by the Fibonacci sequence.

The Grammy Award-winning act is one of the most influential and popular metal bands of all time, but has taken their time writing a new record – and adapting to the new streaming paradigm.

Frontman Maynard James Keenan previously stated he prefers his albums to be consumed as full pieces, not as random, shuffled chunks, but that stance has softened in recent years.

Speaking to a fan last year through his band Puscifer‘s Twitter account, Keenan said it would be “absurd” not to make their music available through streaming in the future.

Now if you excuse me, I need to break the news to the 15-year-old me pictured below, who had (has?) an unhealthy obsession with Danny Carey‘s drumming. Seriously bro, the polyrhythms are sick.

Who are you to wave your finger, etc.