Tones And I Is Leaning Into Those Age Conspiracy Theories By Editing Her Old Insta Posts

The entire brouhaha surrounding Tones And I and what her age may or may not be is almost inarguably some of the dumbest shit currently kicking about, but at the absolute bare minimum, she’s at least having some fun with it.

[jwplayer yiye2HNG]

For reasons that may well be impossible to fully ascertain, the fairly remarkable rise of Tones And I over the past year has been accompanied by various media reports claiming she is 19 years old. There seems to be little-to-no reason why they’ve been claiming this. But it’s a claim that’s been repeated constantly nonetheless.

That’s been countered by people asserting that she’s actually 26, as if that matters even in the slightest, and the lack of true clarity on the issue has only fuelled the speculation even further.

No matter what the story may be, Tones And I has now decided to bait the living christ out of everyone pedalling the conspiracy by deleting and editing her old Instagram posts.

Scrolling back to the beginning of Tones’ feed now reveals a swathe of photos that were posted pre-2013 at various places like Stereosonic festival or in a club have vanished from her feed entirely.

The oldest post in the feed now is this shot from 2013 at a Bounce.

Interestingly enough, that caption was edited three days ago to include the new hashtag “#mythirteenthbirthday.”

Read into that what you will, tin foil mates.

Well played, Toni. Very good gear indeed.