Thousands Of Munted Punters Stranded With No Food, Shelter At EDM Festival

When you’re feeling a bit ~delicate~ at the end of a long night’s festival-going, there’s nothing like knowing that you have a warm bed and shower waiting for you at your destination.
A group of punters at the TomorrowWorld EDM festival in Georgia were not so lucky over the weekend, when they found themselves stranded outside the venue after rain shut down the site, on farmland outside of Atlanta.
After Hardwell‘s set closed out the festival on Saturday night, roads leading to the site were so muddy that organisers forbade taxis, buses and Uber cars to drive to their designated pick-up spots.
With nowhere to go, punters already in a delicate condition had to sleep by the side of the road, or make their way through the woods, in what sounds like the set-up to a slasher movie, to find transport. 
One Reddit user said: 
“Ppl were walking through the woods just to exit. Im sure what they did was highly illegal. A riot was about to break out. I was only able to get out by the woods then paid a shuttle money to let us on. Once in the parking lot, we waited two hours to get out. Fuck this festival. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got sued by a bunch of ppl.”
A twitter user who goes by @EDMPocahontas shared the below shots of people sleeping on the hoods of police cars / anywhere else they could find:

Punters were left hungry, thirsty and without shelter, and it has been alleged that a number of sexual assaults occurred outside the venue: 

With rain persisting, the festival’s organisers cut off access to the venue on Sunday, meaning that only patrons with camping tickets and those already on site were able to see headliners David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and Martin Garrix.
(This sorry tale certainly puts the relative frivolity that was this year’s Splendour In The Mud into perspective).
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Image via Twitter