Thom Yorke Gives Rare Interview on Alec Baldwin’s Radio Show

I’m sure Alec Baldwin has never been accused of having a face for radio but gosh, he sure has the voice for it. In the latest addition of his ‘Here’s The Thing‘ radio show, Baldwin achieved the musical equivalent of seeing a White Rhinoceros in the wild, scoring a sprawling interview with the notoriously media shy Radiohead and Atoms For For Peace frontman, Thom Yorke

“I kind of need to explain what I’m doing a bit with the Atoms for Peace
thing, just a little bit because it’s something different, and some
vague effort to explain myself, occasionally I think, is morally

The decidedly jovial Yorke chatted with Baldwin for almost an hour, attributing his post-OK Computer foray into computerised music with his Aphex Twin fandom, the incongruities between English and American accents (Baldwin: “I must say, with your accent that could have been any one of four words.”), and early-Radiohead’s lax recruitment policies that centered on a predilection to dress like Morrissey and wear cool socks.

 A treat for casual and diehard fans alike.

You can read the entire transcript here.
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Pictures by Mark Metcalfe,
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images