Thom Yorke For Twilight Soundtrack?

With murmurings that Thom Yorke maybe might consider perhaps contributing a track to the upcoming Twilight soundtrack we can deduce two things. Either Twilight Director Chris Weitz is smoking peyote or Thom Yorke is passive aggressively getting back at Miley Cyrus by cutting into her Tween audience.

Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes Weitz said: ‘We’ve got Alexandre Desplat, who I think is one of the greatest film composers living, and because of the strength of the franchise that I inherited, a lot of bands are really interested in working on the soundtrack. (…) Fortunately, I’m not at the stage where I have to turn anybody down yet, because everything is still kind of up in the air,’ Weitz shared, ‘but I am surprised at some of the bands that have said they’re interested. It’s kind of great. The criterion will still always be what’s right for the movie at that given moment, but Thom Yorke is interested; we might, if we’re very lucky, get Kings of Leon to do something… it’s exciting to be able to have access to this kind of talent.’

Radiohead’s 15 Steps appeared in the closing credits of the first Twilight feature and Yorke’s bandmates have appeared in the Harry Potter franchise so it’s not completely out of the question. We just can’t imagine Thom being a big fan of young adult fiction with Mormon undertones. Or can we?

ONTD via Rotten Tomatoes